Current Lab Member Bios

Priscilla Caldwell, Research Assistant
Priscilla Caldwell (B.A., Barnard College '03, M.Ed., Mercy College '05) is currently in her seventh year of teaching at a public elementary school in the Bronx. A former NYC Teaching Fellow, she plans to pursue a Ph.D. in School Psychology.

Jake Freeman, Research Assistant
Jake Freeman graduated Muhlenberg College ’10 where he majored in Psychology and minored in Music. Hehopes to pursue and gain a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology.

Caroline Schiek-Gamble, Research Assistant
Caroline Schiek-Gamble graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a BA in Psychology and Social Behavior and a Minor in Educational Studies. Caroline has been working with children in a variety of clinical settings and has also been involved in infant research throughout her undergraduate career. She seeks to obtain a PhD. in Clinical or Counseling Psychology to become a child psychologist.

Hope Iglehart, Research Assistant
Hope Iglehart is a trained psychoanalyst in private practice. She is a memeber of the New York Freudian Society, and is interested in the use of empirical data to support psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic concepts.

Jessica Latack, Research Assistant
Jessica Latack completed her B.A. in psychology at the University of Michigan in 2002, and her M.S. in clinical psychology at Eastern Michigan University in 2006. Jessica studied at the Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute for Child and Family Development concurrently to completing her Master's degree. Jessica currently devotes her time to Dr. Beebe's laboratory and the HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral Studies at NYSPI. She is broadly interested in infant mental health and attachment. Jessica hopes to begin doctoral training in clinical psychology in 2011.

Daniella Polyak, Research Assistant
Daniella Polyak graduated from Oberlin College in the spring of 2010. At Oberlin, some of her professors introduced her to considering psychoanalytic theory as a framework for understanding culture. This led her to become interested in psychoanalysis both as a theory to be studied as well as a practice intended
to help individuals in their lives and in their relationships with others. As a researcher for Dr. Beebe, Daniella hopes to gain a fuller understanding of psychoanalytic theory and practice. She hopes to one day become therapist.

Julia Reuben, Research Assistant
Julia Reuben will be completing her Bachelor's degree at Columbia University in 2011. She is interested in pursuing a PhD in clinical psychology, with a specific focus on infant-parent attachment relationships.

Danny Sims, Research Assistant
Danny Sims graduated Amherst College '05 with a degree in Art History. He is interested in pursuing a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology.

Yana Kuchirko, Research Assistant
Yana Kuchirko is currently a masters student at New York University and will pursue her PhD in human deveopment. Her research interests include ways that cultural and contextual factors shape child development.

Current Phd Students: Paulette Landesman, Glenn Bromley, Robert Gallagher, Naomi Cohen.

Former Lab Members

We have been lucky to work with many wonderful students over the years. Below is a list of our former lab members:

Former PhD Students: Lisa Marquette, Caroline Flaster, Patricia Goodman, Jill Putterman, Limor Kaufman-Balamuth, Elizabeth Helbraun, Shanee Stepakoff, Donna Demetri-Friedman, Michael Hager-Budny, Greg Kushnick, Helen Demetriades, Allyson Hentel, Tammy Kaminer, Sara Hahn-Burke, Nancy Freeman, Alan Phelan, Dnaille Phelan, Tina Lupi, Michael Ritter, Irena Milentevic, Marina Koulomzin, Jeri Kronen, Jill Miller, Victoria Garel, Leslie Mcihael.

Former Lab Assistants: Adrianne Lange, Jane Roth, Sandra Triggs-Kano, Laura Ellman, Alina Pavalokos, Kate Liberman, Kara Levin, Joseph McGowan, Sarah Miller, Matthew Kirkpatrick, Max Miltzky, Helen Weng, Lauren Cooper, Jessica Silverman, Glenn Bromley, Michael Klein, Annee Ackerman, Sam Marcus, Iskra Smiljanic, Jenny Lotterman, Gena Bresgi, Ali Pivar, Christy Meyer, Emily Brodie, Sandy Seal, Claudia Andri, Nina Finkel, Adrienne Lapidous, Sandy Seal, Nicholas Seivert, Linda Rindlaub, Abby Herzig, Sonya Sonpal, Imran Khan, Julia Disenko, Michelle Lee, Hwe Sze Lim, Marina Tasopoulous, Emlyn Capili, Jessica Sarnicola, Nancy Richardson, Nicole Seltzer, Heather Chan, Eunice Lee, Catherine Man, Leslie Michael, Rhonda Davis, Victoria Garel, Sarah Temech, Alla Chavarga, Kari Gray, TJ Gambrel, Brianna Hailey, Elizabeth White, Greer Raggio, Robbie Ross, Nidhi Parashar