This letter was received by our field office from one of the participants in the Children in the Community study:


As a participant in the Children of the Community study I can say that I am truly thankful to be one of the original subjects to be chosen, and moreover, I am glad that I stayed the course. As an adult I have grown to understand the significance of this paramount study and the insight provided us regarding mental health and human development.

Childhood experiences certainly influence our personality and behavior, and in fact, one's mental health is as perilous as our physical health. Depression, anxiety, and substance abuse, among others'- is extremely prevalent in our society and data from this longitudinal study has helped to identify several risk factors early in life. As risk factors are identified and validated through research, conditions such as these can be better understood and more appropriately managed.

Continued research can only occur with subject compliance. With our continued participation greater inroads can be made into understanding human development and mental health.