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Thank you,  thanks, thank you, THANK YOU,

THANK YOU,  Thank you.

To you, the participants in the Children in the Community Study, we can’t say "thank you" often enough. The scientific validity of this study depends on your participation. We know you are busy and our interviews aren’t short, but you find the time for us. Many questions are repeated each time we interview you, but still you answer. Much of the information is pretty personal, but you trust us to keep it in strictest confidence.

Remember, you can’t be replaced. We have interviewed your mother and you for decades. Each and every one of you is vital to this study!


Please let us know your new address, phone and email.

Call 800 711-6350 or 518 357-2918 or email us at cicp75@msn.com.

One of you comments:                       As a participant in the Children in the Community study, I can say that I am truly thankful to be one of the original subjects to be chosen, and moveover, I am glad that I stayed the course. .... (Click here to see full letter.)


Where do you all live now? Check out the map.

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Current status

We thank the 679 of you who completed the Wave 6 interviews by the spring of 2005. One of the reasons why this study is considered so valuable by scientists is because nearly all of you continue to participate. Every person who completes an interview is a small victory to us!

Many of your mothers have completed interviews recently about their own lives for the Women's Well Being study. Not many studies have decades of information on women now in their fifties and beyond.

Dr. Miriam Ehrensaft has contacted some of you recently for consent to interview your children who are between 10 and 18 years old. She will continue this research for some months.

What's next?
We are now conducting Wave 7 interviews, mostly by mail or on the internet. Thank you to those who have completed their interviews. This data collection will continue through 2009.

We rely on the support of the funding agencies at the National Institutes of Health to continue the study. But for each round of interviews, we compete for the limited research dollars with thousands of other scientists who are proposing other valuable research. Fortunately, our colleague Dr. Judith Brook was funded for Wave 7 in the spring of 2005. Our application was reviewed by a panel of scientists and ranked within the top 1% of applications and subsequently funded.

Reviewer comments "This is a tremendously important project, examining a prospectively well studied sample into middle age and increasingly focusing on the third generation."

"The principal investigator is an outstanding scientist, and the research team has been highly productive, publishing numerous papers from this project in top journals."


Just imagine what a resource all the Children in the Community research is. With information about you all your life, it is important to continue gathering information as you mature. Your continuing participation is absolutely vital, since you cannot be replaced. You are part of a scientific endeavor that will continue to contribute to our knowledge of human development for many years to come.