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Find a Psychiatrist at Columbia

Columbia psychiatrists are available for evaluations and consultations, second opinions, and ongoing treatment. Our approach is to be practical, identifying each person's goals for treatment and considering of a variety of approaches depending on his or her needs and preferences. 

Our philosophy is to look at the whole person, where life history, family background, and biological factors intersect in ways that can lead to emotional distress.  Diagnosis of specific disorders such as mood or anxiety syndromes is only one starting point, though a very important one.  Life context may exacerbate these problems, and life context may also be shaped by them in turn.  Our doctors will consider all options for helping you, including specific types of psychotherapy from cognitive-behavioral to more open-ended exploration; involvement of family members if appropriate; and expert, conservative use of medication if it may be helpful.

If you have an illness or a group of symptoms where medication plays a crucial role, and prior treatments have not been helpful, we will take a very systematic approach to evaluating your diagnosis, looking thoroughly at your experience with previous medications, reviewing carefully your medical history and coordinating with other doctors you may have; and recommending a careful, sequential plan to get a better result.

At all times, we have the resources at Columbia to call upon experts from our academic and research programs where further input or consultation may be helpful, and to consider more specialized clinics or programs.

To find a psychiatrist, please call us. A clinician will speak with you over the phone to learn more about your needs, and arrange an initial appointment with one of our doctors.  Appointments can be made either at ColumbiaDoctors - Midtown, 51 West 51st Street, or at Columbia University Medical Center's campus on West 168th Street.







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