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Lieber ClinicThe Lieber Recovery and Rehabilitation Clinic for Psychotic Disorders

The Lieber Recovery Clinic, located  in New York City, provides adults with schizophrenia, or other serious mental illness, access to community-based treatment including intensive outpatient day treatment and a full range of on site psychiatric, medical and rehabilitation services.

Contact: 212-326-8441


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As part of the Columbia Psychiatry network of care and an integral part of the well-known Columbia Day Treatment Program, our clients have access to a full spectrum of care, with seamless delivery of services from inpatient to outpatient, from psychiatric to medical services. In an atmosphere of caring support, clients receive individualized outpatient treatment, life skills training, and psychiatric rehabilitation services, with an emphasis on getting back to work and school. All clients also continue to have a primary psychiatrist.  We are glad to arrange for this to be one of our  faculty members, or clients may continue under the care of their referring physician in a collaborative arrangement.

We are committed to helping adults with schizophrenia, or other serious mental illness, to improve their quality of life, and achieve their goals to broaden their social network, work, finish school, and move into independent living in the community.

 At the Lieber Recovery Clinic, clients learn about their condition and how to live successfully with it in a supportive environment.  Psychiatric care, skills based rehabilitation and case management services are provided to adults diagnosed with

* schizophrenia
* schizoaffective disorder
* bipolar disorder
* psychosis and Aspergers
* depression with or without psychotic features
* other psychotic disorders

The clinic leadership is provided by Alice Medalia, Ph.D., a senior faculty member who has been a research and clinical pioneer in the rehabilitation of individuals with schizophrenia.  Professor Medalia is also an internationally recognized neuropsychologist in the vanguard of cognitive remediation.

 The Lieber Recovery and Rehabilitation Clinic was featured on the Healthy Minds television series, a program which highlights mental health issues and cutting edge treatments.  This episode, titled Living with Schizophrenia, which aired on PBS in November 2008, discussed issues relating to the symptoms and treatment of schizophrenia. Click on the video link to view the program.


Services include:

  • Rehabilitation Evaluation: Rehabilitation Readiness and Cognitive Skills Assessments provide a framework to design a personalized recovery program and determine an individual’s capacity for work, school, and independent living.
  • Psychiatric Evaluation:  Columbia faculty with expertise in psychosis and schizophrenia can conduct evaluations and offer recommendations regarding diagnosis and psychiatric management. 
  • Cognitive Remediation: Cognitive Skills Training groups that use the evidence-based NEAR method (Neuropsychological Educational Approach to Rehabilitation) provide specific neurocognitive exercises to improve attention, planning, memory, and other cognitive skills. Computer-based exercises and group exercises teach cognitive awareness and cognitive skills and improve self-esteem and intrinsic motivation. 
  • Life Skills Coaching: Individual and group programs help patients devise strategies, techniques, or adaptations that enable them be as independent as possible. Areas of focus may include daily living needs, personal care skills, transportation, interpersonal and communication skills, money management, and recreation.
  • Psychopharmacology: Psychiatrists at the Lieber Clinic can provide ongoing medication management, or maintain consultative contact with referring prescribing clinicians.
  • Health and Wellness: Groups are offered that cover adherence to medication regimens; the importance of proper nutrition and a balanced diet; weight management; sleep hygiene; stress management; and general personal care.  We can also make referrals to internists, endocrinologists, dentists, and other health professionals at Columbia whenever needed.
  • Medical Care Coordination: Many patients with mental illness have multiple medical problems both related to side effects from psychotropic medication or from unrelated conditions. These conditions can require complicated medical regimens and a variety of medical appointments, all of which can be challenging for patients to coordinate and follow. The staff at the Lieber Clinic can help to maintain optimum physical health by providing medical case management services.
  • Work Placement: Patients with work-related goals are assisted in gradually readying themselves for the challenges and demands of the workplace with in-house simulated work opportunities, volunteer placement, and supervised work placement.
  • School Readiness: We help patients develop the skills needed to return to school and offer support and guidance as they start their educational placements.
  • Social Skills Training: Individual and group sessions are offered to enhance communication and social skills.
  • Social Support: The support of family and friends is essential for people attempting to recover from mental illness.  We work with family and friends to give them the guidance and help they need to be effective recovery support people.


Financial Information

Fees for care at the Lieber Center are on a self-pay basis.


To schedule an appointment, make a referral, or for further information
please call 212-326-8441.


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