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Psychoanalytic Training

The education of new psychoanalysts and psychotherapists is the central mission of the Center.  There is no goal to which more time, attention, creativity, and hard work is devoted than the continuous development and improvement of these educational programs.

The faculty for both psychoanalytic and psychodynamic psychotherapy programs include many of the leading psychoanalytic scholars in the country. Widely-emulated curricula are deeply rooted in the intellectual history of psychoanalysis, but are, at the same time, modern and multifaceted, emphasizing the comparative study and critical thinking.  The Columbia University Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research is a graduate program of Columbia University in which theories and practices are explored, examined, challenged, and refined through careful scholarship and lively intellectual debate.

If having explored the world of psychoanalysis through introductory offerings like Why PsychoanalysisFellowship, or Externship, you feel ready to begin formal training in psychoanalytic or psychotherapeutic theory and technique, hope you will find a program here that suits your educational needs while respecting your work schedule and your other life commitments.










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