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Abstracts. Society for Neuroscience  see Society for Neuroscience. Abstracts

Academic Psychiatry   v.13,1989--

Academy Forum   22-26/27N1,3-4/28--

Acta Neuropsychiatrica   v.15,2003--

Acta Psychiatrica Neurologica   v.1,1926-v.25,1950

Acta Psychiatrica Neurologica Scandinavica   v.26,1951-v.36,1961

Acta Psychiatrica Neurologica Scandinavica - Supplement   N70-141/143-159 (1951-1961)

Acta Psychiatrica Neurologica - Supplement   N6,1935-N69,1951

Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica   37N3-4/38-- (1961--)

Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica - Supplement   N160-200-227/229-242/244-247/249--

Activitas Nervosa Superior   10-11/12N1,3-4/13-14/15N2-4/16N2-4/17N1/26-32 (1968-1990)

Activitas Nervosa Superior Supplement   #3,1982 Classified in WG/100/H789p/1982

Addiction  v.88,1993--

Addiction Biology   v.1,1996--

Addictive Behaviors   v.1,1975--

Addictive Diseases   2N1-3/3 (1975-1979)

Addictive Disorders & Their Treatment   v.1,2002--

Administration in Mental Health   1973 Fall/1974 Summer/1975 Spring/4N2/5/6N1-2,4/7N1-2,4/8-14/15N1-3

Administration Policy in Mental Health   16-17/18N1,3-6/19/20N1/21-- (1988- )

Adolescence   1N2,4/2N5-6,8/3N9,11/4-- (1966--)

Adolescent Psychiatry   1-2/4-- Classified in WS/462/Ad72a

Advances in Applied developmental Psychology   (check catalog for available vols.)

Advances in Behaviour Research and Therapy   v.1,1977-v.16,1994

Advances in Biochemical Psychopharmacology   (check catalog for available vols.)

Advances in Biological Psychiatry   v.1-- Classified with varying call nos.

Advances in Child Development and Behavior   v.1,1963-- Classified in W/1/Ad95c

Advances in Clinical Child Psychology   v.1-- Classified in W/1/Ad95cc

Advances in Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics   v.3,1982-- Classified in WS/350.6/Ad95a

Advances in Developmental Psychology   v.1,1981-v.4,1986 Classified in W/1/Ad95cd

Advances in Experimental Social Psychology   v.1,1964-- Classified in W/1/Ad95es

Advances in Infancy Research   v.1,1981-- Classified in WS/430/Ad95a

Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities   v.1,1982-- Classified in WS/110/Ad95L

Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities Supplement   #1,1986-- Classified in WS/110/Ad95L

Advances in Personality Assessment   v.5,1985/v.8,1990/v.9,1992 Classified in BF/698.4/Ad95a

Advances in Psychoanalysis Theory, Research, and Practice  v.2,1984-v.3,1984 Classified with varying call nos.

Advances in Psychological Assessment   v.1,1968-- Classified in WM/145/M246a

Advances in Psychosomatic Medicine   (check catalog for available vols.)

Advances in Study of Aggression   v.1,1984-v.2,1986 Classified in BF/575/.A3/Ad95a

Aggression and Violent Behavior   v.1,1996--

Aggressive Behavior   v.8,1982--

Aging   1-4/7/9-10/15-16/19/25 Classified with varying call nos.

Aging and Cognition   v.1,1994-v.2,1995

Aging and Mental Health   v.1,1997--

Aging, Neuropsychology, and Cognition   v.3,1996--

AIDS   v.1,1987--

AIDS and Behavior   v.1,1977--

AIDS Care   1/2N1/3-8/9N2-6/10-- (1989-- )

AIDS Education and Prevention   V.1,1989--

Alcohol   v.1,1984--

Alcohol and Alcoholism   v.19,1984--

Alcohol and Alcoholism. Supplement   #1,1987-- Classified with varying call nos.

Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research   v.1,1977--

Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly   3-6/9

AMA Archives of General Psychiatry   v.1,1959-v.2,1960

AMA Archives of Neurology   v.1,1959-v.2,1960

AMA Archives of Neurology and Psychiatry   v.64-1950-v.81,1959

American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law Newsletter   9N2-3/10/11N1,3/12--

American Journal of Addictions   v.1,1992--

American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis   v.1,1958--

American Journal of Community Psychology   v.1,1973--

American Journal of Drug & Alcohol Abuse   1N1-2/3-- (1974--)

American Journal of Epidemiology   v.121,1985--

American Journal of Family Therapy   v.13,1985-v.24,1996

American Journal of Forensic Psychiatry   2N4/3-- (1981--)

American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatric   v.1,1993--

American Journal of Human Genetics   v.48,1991--

American Journal of Insanity   v.1,1844-v.77,1921

American Journal of Medical Genetics   50N3/51N3/52-53/55-58/59N2-4/61--

American Journal of Mental Retardation   v.94,1989--

American Journal of Neurology and Psychiatry   v.1,1882-v.2,1883

American Journal of Orthopsychiatry   v.1,1930--

American Journal of Psychiatry   v.78,1921--

American Journal of Psychoanalysis   v.1,1941--

American Journal of Psychology   v.103,1990--

American Journal of Psychotherapy   v.1,1947--

American Journal of Public Health   v.75,1985--

American Journal of Social Psychiatry   2N1-3/4-7 (1982-1987)

American Journal of Sociology   v.90,1985--

American Psychiatric Association Annual Meetings   1975-- Classified in W/1/AmP353s

American Psychiatric Press Review of Clinical Psychiatry and the Law   v.1,1990-- (Classified in W/740/R325)

American Psychiatric Press Review of Psychiatry   v.7,1988-- Classified in WM/100/P959am

American Psychologist   1-18/19N1-11/20-- (1946--)

American Psychopathological Association Series   (check catalog for available vols.)

American Sociological Review   v.50,1985--

Analysis and Intervention in Developmental Disabilities   v.1,1981-v.6,1986

Animal Learning and Behavior   1/3-- (1973--)

Annales Medico Psychologiques   v.139,1981--

Annals of Behavioral Medicine   v.7,1985--

Annals of Child Development   1-3/5 Classified in WS/105/An72

Annals of Clinical Psychiatry   v.1,1989--

Annals of Neurology   v.17,1985--

Annals of New York Academic of Sciences   (check catalog for available vols.)

Annual Progress in Child Psychiatry and Child Development   1968-1976/1978-1984/1987-1990/1992/1994/1996 Classified in W/1/An78p

Annual Psychoanalysis  v.1,1973-- Classified in WM/460/An78

Annual Review of Addictions Research and Treatment   v.1,1991-v.3,1993

Annual Review of Behavior Therapy   1-4/8-10 Classified in WM/425/An78b

Annual Review of Psychology   v.35,1984--

Annual Review of Psychopathology   v.1,1991-- Classified with varying call nos.

Annual Review of Sex Research   v.1,1990-- Classified in WM/610/An78

Anxiety   v.1,1994-v.2,1996

Anxiety Research   1N2-4/2-3/4N1-2,4

Anxiety, Stress, and Coping   5/6N1,3/7/13--

APA Monitor  see Monitor on Psychology

Applied Neuropsychology   v.7,2000--

Applied Preventive Psychology   v.1,1992--

Applied Psycholinguistics   1-2/3N1-2,4/4-14 (1980-1993)

Applied Psychological Measurement   v.1,1977--

Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback   v.22,1997--

Applied Research in Mental Retardation   v.1,1980-v.7,1986

Archiv fuer Psychiatrie und Nervenkrankheiten   220-233

Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology   v.1,1986--

Archives of General Psychiatry   v.3.1960--

Archives of Internationales de Neurologie   7S1/8S2/9S1-2

Archives of Neurology   3-23/24N1-3,5-6/25/26N2-6/27-- (1959--)

Archives of Neurology and Psychiatry   v.1,1919-v.64N3,1950

Archives of Neurology and Psychiatry (London)   v.4,1909-v.14,1939

Archives of Neurology and Psychopathology   v.1,1898-v.3,1900

Archives of Psychiatric Nursing   v.1,1987--

Archives of Sexual Behavior   v.1,1971--

Archives of Suicide Research v.6,2002--

Archives of Women’s Mental Health   1/2N2/3--

Arts in Psychotherapy   7-16/17N1/18-19/20N1

Assessment   v.1,1994--

Association for Research in Nervous and Mental Disease   1947/1949-1960/1962-1972/1974-1976/1978-- Classified with various call nos.

Attachment & Human Development   v.2, 2000--

Attention and Performance   v.4,1973-- Classified in BF/321/At81

Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry   3N3A/4N4/5N2-4/6-- (1969--)

Autism   v.1,1997--

Behavior Genetics   v.1,1971--

Behavior Modification   v.1,1977--

Behavior Research Methods and Instrumentation   1/2N1-4/3-15

Behavior Research Methods, Instruments and Computers   16/17N1,3-6/18-- (1984--)

Behavior Therapist   3N1,3-5/4N2-5/5N1,5/6-- (1980--)

Behavior Therapy   v.1,1970--

Behavioral Assessment   v.1,1979-v.14,1992

Behavioral Brain Sciences   v.1,1978--

Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience Reviews   v.1,2002--

Behavioral Medicine   v.14,1988--

Behavioral Neuropsychiatry   1/2N1-4,7-8/8

Behavioral Neuroscience   v.97,1983--

Behavioral Residential Treatment   v.1,1986-v.5N1,1990

Behavioral Sciences and the Law   v.1,1983--

Behavioral Sleep Medicine   v.1,2003--

Behaviour Research and Therapy   v.1,1963--

Behavioural Cognitive Psychotherapy   v.21,1993--

Behavioural Neurology   1N1/2-- (1988-- )

Behavioural Pharmacology   v.8,1997--

Behavioural Psychotherapy   v.10,1982-v.21,1993

Biofeedback and Self Regulation   1N1,3-4/2-21

Biological Psychiatry   v.1,1969--

Biological Psychology   v.3,1975--

Biological Therapies in Psychiatry - Newsletter   2N1,3-12/3-4/5N1-7,9/6N1-4,6-12/7-8/9N1-11/10--

Biometrics   v.41,1985--

Bipolar Disorders   v.1,1999--

BMJ   v.300,1990--

Books in Print   Current Year

Brain Behavior and Immunity   v.1,1987--

Brain Cognition   v.1,1982--

Brain Language   v.1,1974--

Brief Treatment and Crisis Intervention   v.1,2001--

British Journal of Addiction   61N1-2/63-87 (1965-1992)

British Journal of Clinical Psychology   v.20,1981--

British Journal of Developmental Psychology   v.1,1983--

British Journal of Health Psychology   1/5--

British Journal of Medical Psychology   3-41/42N1,3-4/43-74 (1923-2001)

British Journal of Projective Psychology   v.31,1986--

British Journal of Projective Psychology and Personality Study   v.18,1973-v.31,1986

British Journal of Psychiatry   v.109,1963--

British Journal of Psychiatry - Special Publications   N1,1967-N11,1975

British Journal of Psychology   1-10/46-- (1904--)

British Journal of Psychology - General Section   v.11,1920-v.45,1954

British Journal of Psychology - Medical Section   v.1,1921-v.2,1922

British Journal of Psychology - Monograph Supplement   27/32

British Journal of Psychotherapy   11/12N2-3/13--

British Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology   1-2/3N3/4-19 (1962-1980)

British Journal of Social Psychiatry   v.3,1968-70

British Journal of Social Psychiatry and Community Health   4-5/6N1-3 (1970-1973)

British Journal of Social Psychology   v.20,1981--

Bulletin American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law   1N2/2N3-4/3-24

Bulletin of American Psychoanalytic Association   v.1,1937-v.8.1952

Bulletin of British Psychological Society   N19-33/v.32,1979-v.40,1987

Bulletin of Menninger Clinic   v.1,1936--

Bulletin of Philadelphia Association for Psychoanalysis   3N1/4N4/5N1/7N3-4/8N1/9N1-2/10N2,4/11-16/17N1-3/18-23

Bulletin of Psychonomic Society   v.1,1973-v.31,1993

Bulletin of Suicidology   July,1967/July,1968/Fall,1971

Canada`s Mental Health    30-41/42N1-2/43N1

Canadian Journal of Behavioral Science   v.15,1983--

Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology   v.47,1993--

Canadian Journal of Psychiatry   v.24,1979--

Canadian Journal of Psychology   v.34,1980--

Canadian Psychiatric Association Journal    v.4,1959-v.23,1978

Cerebral Cortex   v.1,1991--

Cerebrum   v.3, 2001--

Child Abuse and Neglect   v.1,1977--

Child and Adolescent Mental Health   v.7,2002--

Child Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America   v.1,1992--

Child Behavior Therapy   v.1,1979-v.3,1981

Child Development   1-13/16-32/33N1-2,4/34-- (1930--)

Child Maltreatment   1-2/4--

Child Neuropsychology   v.1,1995--

Child Psychiatry and Human Development   v.1,1970-- (v.16 missing)

Child Psychology and Psychiatry Review   v.2,1997-6,2001

Chronobiologia   v.7,1980-v.12,1985

Ciba Foundation Symposium   (check catalog for available vols.)

Clinical Case Studies   v.1,2002--

Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review   v.1,1998--

Clinical Child Psychology & Psychiatry   v.1,1996--

Clinical Neuropharmacology   5N1/6--

Clinical Neurophysiology   v.110,1999--

Clinical Neuropsychologist    v.1,1987--

Clinical Neuropsychology   v.5,1983

Clinical Psychology: Science & Practice   v.1,1994--

Clinical Psychology Review   v.1,1981--

CNS Drugs   v.1,1994--

Cognition and Emotion   v.1,1987--

Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience   v.1,2001--

Cognitive Behavioral Practice   v.1,1994-v.2,1995

Cognitive Brain Research   1-3/5-- (1992-- )

Cognitive Development   v.1,1986--

Cognitive Neuropsychiatry   v.1,1996--

Cognitive Neuropsychology    v.1,1984--

Cognitive Psychology   v.1,1970--

Cognitive Therapy and Research   v.1,1977--

Communications in Psychopharmacology   v.1,1977-v.4,1980

Community Mental Health Journal   v.1,1965--

Comprehensive Mental Health Care   v.2,1992

Comprehensive Psychiatry   v.1,1960--

Computers in Human Behavior   1-7/8N1 (1985-1992)

Conditional Reflex   5-6/7N2-4/8 (1970-1973)

Confinia Psychiatrica   v.16,1973-v.21,1978

Consciousness and Cognition   v.1,1992--

Consciousness and Self-Regulation   1-4 Classified in BF/310/C765

Consumer Reports   2002--

Contemporary Psychoanalysis   v.1,1964--

Contemporary Psychology   v.31,1986--

Continuum: Developments in Ambulatory Mental Health Care   v.1,1994

Convulsive Therapy   v.1,1985--

Cortex   1N1-2/4-11/12N1-3/13-- (1964--)

Counseling Psychologist   v.14,1986-v.15,1987

Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health   v.1,1991--

Criminal Justice and Behavior   v.3,1976--

Criminology   v.39,2001--

Crisis: International Journal of Suicide & Crisis Studies    6/7N1/8-9/10N1/11/12N2/13--

Crisis Intervention   v.6,1975-v.14,1983

Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology   v.5,1999--

Cultural Diversity and Mental Health   v.1,1995-v.4,1998

Culture, Health & Sexuality   v.1,1999--

Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry   v.1,1977--

Current Directions in Psychological Science   v.1,1992--

Current Drug Targets: CNS and Neurological Disorders   v.1,2002--

Current Opinion in Neurobiology   v.1,1991--

Current Opinion in Psychiatry   v.1,1988--

Current Psychiatry Reports   v.2,2000--

Current Psychological Research & Reviews   v.3,1984-v.6,1988

Current Psychology   7-10/11N1 (1988-1992)

Current Psychosis & Therapeutics Reports   v.1,2003--

Current Topics in Learning Disabilities   v.1,1983 Classified in WS/110/M215c

Currents In Affective Illness   4-5/6N1-7,9-12/7--

Dementia Praecox Studies   v.1,1918-v.4,1921

CyberPsychology & Behavior   v.6,2003--

Depression  v.1,1993-v.4,1996

Depression and Anxiety   v.4,1996--

Development Psychopathology   v.1,1989--

Developmental Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry   1-- (Classified with varying call nos.)

Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology   v.22,1980--

Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology - Supplement   6-7/9-56/58--

Developmental Neuropsychology   v.1,1985--

Developmental Psychobiology   v.1,1968--

Developmental Psychology   v.1,1969--

Developmental Science   v.4,2001--

Developmental Review   v.2,1982--

Deviant Behavior   2/3N1,3-4/4N1/8-- (1980--)

Diseases of the Nervous System   v.1,1940-v.38,1977

Dissociation   1N1,4/2-- (1988--)

Dreaming   v.1,1991--

Drug and Alcohol Dependence   1-38/39N1,3/40-- (1975-- )

Drugs in Psychiatry   v.1,1983-v.4,1987 Classified with varying call nos.

Early Development & Parenting   1N1/2-4/5N1-3/6-7 (1992–1998)

Eating Behaviors   v.1,2000--

Eating and Weight Disorders   v.7,2002--

Educational and Psychological Measurement   8-33/34N1-3/40-- (1941--)

Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology   v.60,1985--

Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology - Supplement   31-36/38/40

Emotion   v.1,2001--

Emotion; Theory, Research, and Experience   v.1,1980-- Classified in BF/531/Em69

Emotions and Behavior Monograph   3-4/8 (Classified with varying call nos.)

Encephale   v.10,1984--

Epidemiologia E Psichiatria Sociale   6/7N1-3/8N3/9N4/10--

Epidemiologic Reviews   v.6,1984--

Epilepsy & Behavior   v.1,2000--

Ethics and Behavior   v.1,1991--

European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience   v.240,1990--

European Archives of Psychiatry and Neurological Sciences   v.234,1984-v.239,1990

European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry   2/8--

European Journal of Psychiatry   5-6/7N1-2,4/8-- (1991-- )

European Neuropsychopharmacology   v.1,1990--

European Psychiatry   v.6,1991--

Evidence-Base Mental Health   1N4/2--

Exceptional Children   v.51,1984-v.58,1992

Exceptional Infant   1-2/4 Classified in WS/430/Ex22h

Experimental Clinical Psychiatry   3-5/7 Classified with varying call nos.

Experimental Clinical Psychopharmacology   v.1,1993--

Families in Society   v.71,1990--

Family   v.1,1973-v.13,1986

Family Child Mental Health Journal   6N2/7N1 (1980-1981)

Family Process   v.1,1962--

Family Relations   v.35,1986--

Family Therapy   1N1/3-- (1974-- )

Family Therapy Collections   4/6-7/15/19-20 Classified with varying call nos.

Family Therapy Networker   v.12N3,1988-v.14N1,1990

Focus   v.1,2003--

Focus on Women   2/3N1,3 (1981-1982)

Folia Psychiatrica et Neurologica Japonica   2N2-4/3-28/29N2/30-39 (1947-1985)

Folia Psychiatrica et Neurologica Japonica -  Supplement   2-4/6

Foreign Psychiatry   v.1,1972-v.3,1974

Frontiers in Infant Psychiatry   v.1,1983-v.2,1984 Classified in WS/430/C130f

General Hospital Psychiatry   v.1,1979--

Genes, Brain and Behavior   v.1,2002--

Genetic Epidemiology   1N1/2-- (1984--)

Genetic Psychology Monographs   v.1,1926-v.110,1984

Genetic, Social, and General Psychology Monographs   v.111,1985-v.122,1996

Gerontologist   v.24,1984--

Group   1N1,4/2N1-2,4/3N2-4/4/5N1-3/6/7N1-2/8N2,4/9-10/11N1,4/12-24 (1977-2000)

Group Advancement of Psychiatry   N1,1947--

Group Dynamics   v.2,1998

Handbook of Anxiety  v.1,1988-- (Classified in WM/172/R742h)

Handbook of Schizophrenia  v.1,1986-- (Classified in WM/203/N186h)

Harvard Mental Health Letter    v.7,1990--

Harvard Review of Psychiatry   v.1,1993--

Hastings Center Report   1-6/7N1-3,5/8N2,4-6/9-10/11N1-4,6/12--

Health Psychology   1/2N2-4/3-- (1982--)

Health Services and Outcomes Research Methodology   v.1,2000--

Health Social Work   v.16,1991--

Hillside Journal of Clinical Psychiatry   1/2N1/3-11 (1979-1989)

Hispanic Journal of Behavioural Sciences   v.1,1979--

Hispanic Research Center Monograph   4/6/10-11 (1980-1984) (Classified in WM/31.2/H625)

History of Psychiatry   v.1,1990-- 

Homeostasis   v.33,1991

Hospital and Community Psychiatry   v.17,1966-v.45,1994

Human Brain Mapping   v.1,1993--

Human Neurobiology   v.1,1982-v.3,1984

Human Psychopharmacology: Clinical and Experimental   v.1,1986--

Human Relations   v.1,1947-v.9,1956

Imagination Cognition and Personality   1-6/10-16

Impact Report   v.4,2002--

Infancy   v.1,2000--

Infant Behavior and Development   1-4/5N1-2,4/6-- (1978--)

Infant Mental Health Journal   1-3/4N1-2,4/5-- (1980--)

Integrative Physiological and Behavioral Science   26/27N1,3 (1991-92)

Integrative Psychiatry   1-6/8-9 (1983-1995)

Intelligence   v.10,1986-v.23,1996

International Clinical Psychopharmacology   v.1,1986--

International Drug Therapy Newsletter  13-14/15N1-5,7-10/16N1,3-10/17N1-7,9/18-- (1978--)

International Journal of the Addictions  3N1-2/4/5N1,3-4/6-30 (1968-1995)

International Journal of Aging and Human Development  4N1,3-4/5-41/42N1-3/43-46 (1973-1998)

International Journal of Behavioral Development  2N1,3-4/3-- (1979-- )

International Journal of Behavioral Medicine  v.1,1994--

International Journal of Clinical Experimental Hypnosis  7-9/10N1,3-4/11-13/14N1-3/15--

International Journal of Clinical Neuropsychology  v.6,1984-v.11,1989

International Journal of Eating Disorders  v.1,1981--

International Journal of Emergency Mental Health  v.1,1999--

International Journal of Family Psychiatry  v.1,1980-v.10,1989

International Journal of Family Therapy 1N1-3/2 (1979-1980)

International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry  1-2/3N1,3-4/4-- (1986--)

International Journal of Geriatric Psychopharmacology  v.1,1997--

International Journal of Group Psychotherapy  v.1,1951--

International Journal of Law and Psychiatry  2/4-- (1979--)

International Journal of Mental Health  v.1,1972--

International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research  v.1,1991--

International Journal of Neuropsychiatry  v.1,1965-v.4,1968

International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology  v.1,1998--

International Journal of Offender Therapy  11N1,3/13-14/15N2-3

International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology  16-19/20N2-3/21-- (1972--)

International Journal of Partial Hospitalization  v.1,1982-v.8,1992 (v.6N2 missing)

International Journal of Psychiatry  1-7/8N2-4/9-10/11N2-4 (1965-1973)

International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practice  v.6,2002--

International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine  v.4,1973--

International Journal of Psychoanalysis  v.1,1920--

International Journal of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy  1N1/2-6/8-11

International Journal of Psychobiology  v.2,1971-72

International Journal of Psychology of Religion  v.1,1991-v.4,1994/v.13,2003--

International Journal of Psychophysiology  v.1,1983--

International Journal of Psychotherapy  v.1,1996-v.2,1997

International Journal of Short-Term Psychotherapy  1-4/5N1 (1986-1990)

International Journal of Social Psychiatry  v.28,1982-v.41,1995

International Journal of STD & AIDS  v.1,1990--

International Pharmacopsychiatry  2-4/5N1/6-17 (1969-1982)

International Psychiatric Clinics   1-6/7N2-4/8 (1964-1972)

International Psychogeriatrics  v.1,1989--

International Review of Psychiatry  v.1,1989--

International Review of Psychoanalysis  1-2/3N1-2,4/4-19 (1974-1992)

International Review of Research in Mental Retardation  1-2/8/13 Classified in WM/300/InRr2

Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine  8N2/9N1-2/10-12/13N1-2,4/14--

Israel Annals of Psychiatry and Related Disciplines  1-10/11N1-2,4/12-14/15N1,4/16-17

Israel Journal of Psychiatry and Related Sciences  19-24/25N1-2/26-- (1982--)

JAMA  v.257,1987--

Japanese Journal of Psychiatry and Neurology  v.40,1986-v.48,1994

JINS  v.1,1995-v.2,1996 (see also Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society)

Joint Commission Journal of Quality Improvement  v.25,1999--

Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology  v.1,1973--

Journal of Abnormal Psychology  3/5-15/70-- (1908--)

Journal of Abnormal Psychology and Social Psychology  v.16,1921-v.19,1925

Journal of Abnormal Social Psychology  v.20,1925-v.69,1964

Journal of Addictive Diseases  v.10,1991--

Journal of Adolescence  v.3,1980--

Journal of Adolescent Health  12-13/14N1-2,5-8/15-- (1991-- )

Journal of Adolescent Health Care  4/5N3/7-11 (1983-1990)

Journal of Adolescent Research  v.1,1986--

Journal of Affective Disorders  v.1,1979--

Journal of American Academy of Child Adolescent Psychiatry  v.26,1987--

Journal of American Academy of Child Psychiatry  v.1,1962-v.25,1986

Journal of American Academy of Psychoanalysis  v.1,1973--

Journal of American Medical Association SEE JAMA

Journal of American Psychiatric Nurses Association  v.1,1995--

Journal of American Psychoanalytic Association  v.1,1953--

Journal of American Psychoanalytic Association - Supplement  1977-- Classified with varying call nos.

Journal of Analytical Psychology  v.29,1984--

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Maudsley Monographs   look in card catalog for available nos.  

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Memory  v.1,1993--

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Modern Perspectives in Psychiatry   v.1,1965-- Classified with varying call nos.  

Modern Problems of Pharmacopsychiatry   Check card catalog for available vols.

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Neuropsychology   v.1,1987--

Neuropsychology Review   v.1,1990--

Neuropsychopharmacology   v.1,1987--

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Neuroscientist   v.1,1995--

New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development   N82,1998--

New Directions for Child Development   N1,1978– N81,1998

New Directions for Evaluation   69-76 (1996-1997)

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New Directions for Program Evaluation   21/24/52-64

New Directions for Youth Services   N92,2001--

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Parenting: Science and Practice   v.1,2001--

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Perceptual and Motor Skills   v.5,1955--

Personal Relationships   v.1,1994--

Personality and Individual Differences   v.1,1980--

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Pharmacopsychiatry   v.17,1984--

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Primary Prevention in Psychopathology   1-4/6-8/10-- (1977--) Classified with varying call nos.

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Progress in Community Mental Health   v.1,1969-v.3,1975 Classified in W/1/P943co

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Progress in NeuroPsychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry   v.6,1982--

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Psychoanalysis Contemporary Science  

v.1,1972-v.5,1976 Classified in WM/460/P959

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Psychoanalytic Study of the Child   v.1,1945--

Psychoanalytic Study of Society   v.1,1960--

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Psychological Issues   1N1/2-49/51-- (1959--)

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Psychological Methods   v.1,1996--

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Psychological Perspectives on the Self   v.1,1982-v.3,1986 Classified in BF/697/Su59p

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Psychological Science   v.1,1990--

Psychologist   v.1,1988--

Psychology Addictive Behaviors   v.6,1992--

Psychology and Aging   v.1,1986--

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Psychology Learning and Motivation   2-3/12/16-21/23-- Classified in W/1/L479p

Psychology and Psychotherapy   v.75,2002--

Psychology, Public Policy & Law   1/3--

Psychology Women Quarterly   4N2-4/5-- (1979--)

Psychometric Monographs   1/5-14

Psychometrika   1/2N1-2,4/3-5/6N1-3,5-6/25/33-- (1936--)

Psychoneuroendocrinology   v.1,1975--

Psychonomic Bulletin & Review   v.1,1994--

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Psychonomic Science   10-14/15N1-5/16-17/18N1-3,5-6/19-29 (1968-1972)

Psycho-Oncology   v.1,1992--

Psychopathology   v.17,1984--

Psychopharmacologia   1-3/4N1-2,4-6/5-46 (1959-1976)  

Psychopharmacology   v.47,1976--

Psychopharmacology Bulletin   3N3-4/4N1-3/5N1,3-4/6-- (1966--)

Psychopharmacology Communications   v.1,1975

Psychopharmacology Series   3/5/7-- (1987--) (Classified with varying call nos.)  

Psychopharmacology Service Center Bulletin   1/2N1-2,4-8/3N1-2/1959-1965

Psychopharmacology - Supplementum   #1,1984-#2,1985 Classified with varying call nos.  

Psychophysiology   1N3/4N1-2/5N2-6/6-- (1965--)

Psychosocial Process   2N2/3N1-2/4N1-2 (1973-1976)

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Journal   12N2-4/13N1,3-4/14-18 (1988-1994)

Psychosomatic Medicine   v.1,1939--

Psychosomatics   1-8/9N1-5/10--

Psychotherapy   v.21,1984--

Psychotherapy   v.1,1955-56

Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics   v.16,1968--

Psychotherapy Research   v.1,1991--

Psychotherapy, Theory, Research and Practice   v.4,1967-v.20,1983

Qualitative Health Research   v.1,1991--

Quality of Life Research   v.1,1992--

Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences   N1,1976- (Classified in BF/39/Ac45)

Quarterly Journal of Child Behavior   v.1,1949-v.4,1952

Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology   v.9,1957-v.32,1980

Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. A, Human Experimental Psychology   33-46/47N1,3-4/48-- (1981-- )

Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. B, Comparative and Physiological Psychology   v.33,1981--

Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol   v.1,1940-v.28.1967

Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol. A. Originals   v.29,1968-v.35,1974

Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol. B. Documentation   v.29,1968-v.35,1974

Recent Developments in Alcoholism   v.1,1983-- Classified in WM/274/R243g

Report. Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry   N1,1947-N96,1976

Research Advances in Alcohol & Drug Problems   v.5,1980-- Classified in WM/274/AL18d

Research Communications in Psychology, Psychiatry and Behavior   3-8/9N2-4/10-19 (1978-1994)

Research in Community and Mental Health   v.1,1979-- Classified in WM/30.6/R311

Research in Developmental Disabilities   v.8,1987--

Research on Social Work Practice   v.2,1992-v.6,1996

Review of Behavior Therapy   v.11,1987-- Classified in WM/425/An78b

Review of Child Development Research   v.1,1964-v.7,1984 Classified in WS/105/H675r

Review of General Psychology   v.1,1997--

Rochester Symposium on Developmental Psychopathology   v.1,1989-- Classified in WS/350.7/R586

Rorschach Research Exchange   v.1,1936-v.10,1946

Rorschach Research Exchange and Journal of Projective Techniques   v.11,1947-v.13,1949

Scandinavian Journal of Psychology   1-9/11-- (1960--)

Schizophrenia Bulletin   v.1,1969--

Schizophrenia Research   1-12/15--

Science   v.227,1985--

Scientific American   v.242,1980--

Scientific Review of Mental Health Practice   v.1,2002--

Seminars in Clinical Neuropsychiatry   v.1,1996--

Seminars in Neurosciences   v.5,1993

Seminars in Psychiatry   v.1,1969-v.5N1-3,1973

Series in Psychosocial Epidemiology   v.5,1985-v.6,1985 Classified with varying call nos.  

Sex Roles   v.6,1980--

Sexual Abuse   v.7,1995--

Sexual and Marital Therapy   1-5/7-14 (1986-1999)

Sexual and Relationship Therapy   v.15,2000--

Sexualities   v.3,2000--

Sleep   v.1,1978--

Sleep Research   2-3/7/9/13-- (1973--)

Smith College Studies in Social Work   49-58/60-65/66N1-2/67-- (1979-- )

Social Behaviour   4/5N1 (1989-1990)

Social Casework   v.66,1985-v.70,1989

Social Cognition   v.3,1985--

Social Development   5N3/6N3/7N1-2/9--

Social Forces   59-64/65N1-2/66N3-4/67/68N2-4/69--

Social Problems   32-34/36--

Social Psychiatry   v.1,1966-v.22,1987

Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology   v.23,1988--

Social Psychology Quarterly   44-45/47--

Social Science Medicine   1N2-4/2-5/6N1-3,5-6/7-11/16--

Social Science Medicine. Part A. Medical Psychology and Medical Sociology   v.12,1978-v.14,1980

Social Science Medicine. Part B. Medical Anthropology   v.12,1978-v.15,1981

Social Science Medicine. Part C: Medical Economics   v.12,1978-v.15,1981

Social Science Medicine. Part D: Medical Geography   v.12,1978-v.15,1981

Social Science Medicine. Part E: Medical Psychology   v.15,1981

Social Science Medicine. Part F: Medical and Social Ethics   v.15,1981

Social Work   30-38/39N1-5/40-- (1985-- )

Social Work Research   v.23,1999--

Society for Neuroscience Abstracts   v.3,1977--

Statistical Methods in Medical Research   v.1,1992--

Stress Anxiety   v.1,1975-- Classified in WM/172/St83s

Stress and Health   v.17,2001--

Stress Medicine   v.1,1985-v.16,2000

Studies in Gender and Sexuality   v.1,2000--

Substance Abuse   v.16,1995--

Substance Use & Misuse   v.31,1996

Suicide   v.5,1975

Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior   v.6,1976--

Symposium. Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry   v.1,1954-v.12,1973 Shelved under Group for the Advacement...

Task Force Report. APA   N1-16/18-21 (1970-1982)

Theory and Research in Behavioral Pediatrics   v.1,1982-- Classified in WS/100/F576t

Tobbaco Control   v.12,2003--

Transcultural Psychiatric Research Review   6-10/11N2/12-16/17N1-3/18-19/20N2-3/21--

Transcultural Psychiatric Review    v.1,1964-v.5,1968

Trauma, Violence, & Abuse   v.1,2000--

Trends in Cognitive Sciences   v.2,1998--

Trends in Neurosciences   1N1/2-19 (1978-1996)

Trends in Pharmacological Sciences   v.18,1997-v.20,1999

Twin Research   1N1/3--

Violence and Victims   v.1,1986--

Waking and Sleeping   1N1-3/2-3/4N1-3 (1976-1980)

Women and Therapy   8-9/10N3-4/11/14N3-4/15N1

World Journal of Biological Psychiatry   v.1,2000--

World Psychiatry   v.1,2002--

Youth & Society   26N3-4/27N1-2/31N3-4/32N2-4/33--

Zhurnal Nevropatologii I Psikhiatrii Imeni S. S. Korsakova   56-61/62N1-9,11-12/63-75/76N1,4-6,8,10,12/77-85/86N1-9,11-12/87-88/89N1-11/90-- (Shelved in the Conference Room)

Zoist   6-8/10 (1848-1852)


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