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New Employee and Volunteer HIPAA Training


New employees and volunteers must view the New Employee HIPAA training and then submit the Mandatory Confidentiality Form . The training runs in Quicktime and is 35-45 minutes long. The video may take as long as 2 minutes to load before playing, depending on which browser you are using. Please wait for the training to begin.

If you do not have Quicktime on your computer, CLICK HERE to download it.

AFTER COMPLETING THE TRAINING: submit the Mandatory Confidentiality Form, which runs in Adobe Reader, version 8 or higher.

CLICK HERE to open the the Mandatory Confidentiality Form, which contains complete instructions for submitting it. When submitting the form as an e-mail attachment, please specify "New Employee HIPAA Training" in the body of the e-mail.

To hear the audio part of the presentation, please use Internet Explorer 6 or higher


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