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Dr. Deborah Glasofer's Latest HuffPost Blog

Choosing Your Truth in Advertising
June 9, 2014 - June 10, 2014

The method behind the madness of digital marketing, and its effect on our psyche, is murky at best. But the extent to which companies will go to learn about who we are and what we might desire is expanding drastically. As we browse the Web, we feed the beast of personalized marketing. ..

The cumulative effect of this phenomenon can be dizzying, confusing, and potentially harmful. For example, a recent HuffPost blog of mine on getting summer ready was accompanied not just by sponsored product ads (like "your guilt-free suntan" and "take away hunger and increase your energy -- all while you lose weight"), but also by listings of articles including drastic weight loss stories and top 10 lists of exercises to do if you want a flat stomach.

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