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Dr. John Mann on Brain Injury in the NFL: Sports Illustrated

An Excerpt from New Book on NFL Concussions, League of Denial - NFL
October 9, 2013

If Hollywood talent scouts set out to create a reality series on the search for football-related brain damage, they would start with Ann McKee...

To Mann, the Columbia suicide expert, it was obvious that McKee had found a serious brain disease in these players. After she finished, Mann presented his own research, describing data that showed how people who had had mild head injuries as children or adolescents were at an increased risk for suicidal behavior. Casson tossed up his hand and interrupted. "It would be impossible to link a disease like CTE to suicide," he asserted.

"It's not just possible," Mann replied, "it's entirely plausible based on what I've seen from Ann McKee."

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