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Dr. John Mariani on WNYC: Marijuana's Addictive Potential

From Marijuana to the Medicine Cabinet: A Boy Who Couldn't Stop
May 10, 2013

 John Mariani studies and treats addicts. He’s directs Columbia University’s Substance Treatment and Research Service. And he says people can absolutely become addicted to weed. But sometimes it's harder to recognize.

“For people with alcohol, cocaine, opioid dependence, lots of bad stuff is happening to them that they don't want to have happen,” he said. They may be getting arrested or they may have an overdose, for example. Mariani says marijuana dependence is different. “Often patients will have a philosophy that, ‘This is something I choose to do. It's something I enjoy. It's something I benefit from.’ And to some degree, that might be true," he said.


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