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Dr. Jonathan Posner's Research in TIME

Brain Scans Could Become EKGs for Mental Disorders
June 28, 2013

In an experiment appearing in the forthcoming July issue of Psychiatry Research, Dr. Jonathan Posner of Columbia University and his colleagues looked at 22 children with ADHD who were not yet on medication and compared them with 20 youngsters around the same age without the disorder. Compared to the healthy children, those with ADHD had, on average, less coordinated brain activity between regions such as the prefrontal cortex, an area at the front of the brain thought to be involved in decision-making, and the caudate, a region located toward the base of the brain involved in controlling impulses. Such patterns could one day help to identify children at highest risk of developing ADHD, and provide them with behavioral or educational support to address symptoms early on, when such interventions might have the biggest impact.

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