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Dr. Margaret Haney in Wired Mag

Addiction Injection: The Mission to Immunise Drug Users Against Dependency
April 9, 2013


Meg Haney has seen how cocaine vaccines work first-hand -- and in humans, not mice. Haney is the associate director of the Substance Abuse Research Center at Columbia University in New York City, where she runs laboratory trials to determine if specific experimental therapies are worth pursuing. In 2010, she tested a cocaine vaccine called TA-CD, developed by a small UK-based biopharmaceutical called Celtic Pharma, on ten cocaine-dependent men. The goal was to see whether the vaccine could trigger antibodies and whether the antibodies had any effect on the men's "high". The vaccinated men, who were not seeking treatment, were given 50mg of cocaine two nights a week for 13 weeks, and observed.

"I've been testing treatments for a long time and nothing has done what this vaccine did," Haney says. 


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