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Dr. Matthew Erlich Discusses Salinger's Classic Character: HuffPost

Holden Caulfield Diagnosis
July 16, 2013

 The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger was published 62 years ago today. This classic tale of Holden Caulfield, told from the point of view of the protagonist as he looks back on some of his adventures while confined in a psychiatric hospital with an unnamed diagnosis, has sold more than 60 million copies worldwide, and continues to be a high school favorite...

As part of a HuffPost Book Club discussion on the book that took place last year,Matthew Erlich, MD, a psychiatrist-researcher at the New York State Psychiatric Institute in the Division of Mental Health Services, told us that Caulfield would probably have been committed to a secure unit as a manic depressive at the time of the book.


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