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Dr. Paul Appelbaum Comments on "Behavioral Abnormality": Houston Chronicle

For Sex Offenders Who Completed Their Sentences, 'the Only Way Out Appears to Be to Die."
April 26, 2014

 As part of a national trend a decade and a half ago, Texas' civil commitment program was created by the Legislature in 1999 as a way to protect Texans from serial sex predators who were coming out of prison after too-short sentences, without any supervision...

The American Psychiatric Association has disputed the use of a "behavioral abnormality" to determine future behavior.


Dr. Paul Appelbaum, chair of the American Psychiatric Associations's committee on judicial action and a member of the council on psychiatry and law, said it appears that statutes relying on that term are intended to allow indefinite confinement of people who have committed criminal acts outside of the correctional system.


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