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Dr. Robert Klitzman in NY Times

New Health Law Is Sending Many Back to School
March 17, 2014 - March 18, 2014

 The new law is affecting the very nature of the quandaries that arise, said Robert Klitzman, director of the masters of bioethics program at Columbia University, run through the School of Continuing Education. He has had to alter the program as a result.

Questions his program now addresses include: Does the government have the right to demand that people buy health insurance, and should they be penalized if they don’t? What is a minimal level of care? How do you allocate scarce resources? How do you prevent cost overruns? Should the government provide infertility treatments under the new law, or should that be considered an elective service and, if so, for whom? How much should the government oversee drug companies? The list goes on.

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