Columbia University Medical Center
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Clinical Phenomenology

Jean Endicott, PhD, Chief

Primary research interests in the division focus on identification of risk factors for the occurrence and chronic course of mental and substance use disorders, developing interventions to improve outcomes, and advancing diagnostic and other assessment procedures. The work of the division is organized into two component groups:

Major Mental Disorders Research Group, headed by Dr. Endicott. This group focuses on diagnosis and assessment of the major mental disorders and on their long-term course, including identification of factors predicting relapse and recovery. Studies of affective disorders are addressed in large multi-site studies. Studies of depression also focus on women during the pre- and post-partum periods, and interventions to improve outcome. Research also includes prospective studies of psychotic emergency room patients and homeless adults. This group also considers conceptual issues in the developments of new nomenclatures, and develops new assessment procedures for clinical features such as quality of life.

Substance Dependence Research Group, headed by Dr. Hasin. The mission of this group is to reduce the risk for the occurrence or chronic course of substance use disorders by achieving a better understanding of individual, contextual and genetic risk factors. This research is conducted in national general population samples, and samples of clinical populations. Randomized trials also address enhancements of evidence-based treatments to improve outcomes. Studies related to diagnosis focus on the latent meta-structure of major psychiatric disorders (including substance use disorders), and on improved formulation of the criteria for substance use and personality disorders for new nomenclatures.




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