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Myrna Weissman, PhD, Chief

The Division of Epidemiology was established on July 1, 2007 as a consolidation of several existing divisions in epidemiology within the New York State Psychiatry Institute. The research mission involves studying the risk of psychiatric disorders associated with genetic, brain, social and environmental factors, and developing interventions and programs to reduce these risks. Collaborations in translational epidemiology – integrating epidemiology with the newest methods from genetics, imaging, and neuroscience – as well as Global Mental Health are the focus of several new projects. The Division is organized into four related areas: 1) genetics/high risk/birth cohorts, 2) epidemiology/health services, 3) prevention/therapeutics, and 4) global mental health. Core resource support is available to all members in administration, data management, and subject tracking, biostatistics and statistical genetics.

In order to carry out these diverse activities, members of the Division include faculty from many disciplines e.g. clinical psychiatry, epidemiology, informatics statistics, genetics, engineering, as well as post-doctoral fellows and graduate students from many departments and numerous collaborations across disciplines, nationally and globally. With the reorganization of the imaging unit several faculty involved in imaging used in our grants joined the Division while also maintaining memberships in the imaging unit. This has served to strengthen the collaborations.

The overarching focus is to use epidemiologic methods to provide novel solutions to questions which require a range of skills. This integration is fostered by multidisciplinary meeting around specific projects. During this time period members of the Division held 31 grants, have 11 pending, and published 141 papers and 2 books.



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