Washington Heights Community Services

Washington Heights Community Service


The Washington Heights Community Service (WHCS) is a comprehensive community-based program for individuals with serious mental illness who live in Northern Manhattan. The Service consists of a 22-bed inpatient unit at the New York State Psychiatric Institute (NYSPI) often referred to as “4 South” and three outpatient clinics, the Audubon Clinic, the Inwood clinic, and the OnTrackNY /WHCS clinic, a specialized clinic for early psychosis. We serve approximately 1000 people and aim to promote mental health recovery in a culturally sensitive environment. Our services are located in designated mental health shortage areas by the National Health Service Corps.  English and Spanish language services are offered in each of our settings.  Our individualized treatment emphasizes recovery and coordinated care between inpatient and outpatient settings. Please refer to descriptions of each component of the WHCS on this website for more details.


Washington Heights Community Service Administration
1051 Riverside Drive, 4th floor, Box 112
NY, NY, 10032


WHCS Inpatient Services
WHCS inpatient unit, 4 South
1051 Riverside Drive, NYC, NY 10032


WHCS Outpatient Services
Audubon Clinic
513 West, 116th St, 4th floor
NYC, NY 10032


Inwood Clinic
26 Sherman Ave
NYC, NY 10040


1051 Riverside Drive, room 1701
NY, NY 10032