Data Access Policy

 NYSPI MRI Research Program Data Access Policy

All imaging data acquired by the NYSPI MRI Research Program will have no identifying information or Protected Health Information (PHI) resident in the image header(s). At no point may an Investigator request that images be acquired or created with PHI or other identifying information resident in the scan data. All subjects must have a pre-assigned ID for the scan session that may not use any permutation or derivation of the subject’s Protected Health Information, including names, initials, dates of birth, or any other information designated as PHI by the United States Department of Health and Human Services as outlined in the following:

Distribution of Images

All images acquired by NYSPI MRI under a signed IRB consent form for a specific protocol are the property of the primary Principal Investigator as listed on the IRB Protocol. After each scan session for a specific protocol, the image data will be transferred either to a neuroimaging database, an SFTP file server, or both, depending on the investigator’s request. The image data may only be distributed directly to the account of the Principal Investigator as named on the IRB protocol for the specific scan session.

There are no exceptions to this policy. An investigator may, at his or her discretion, freely grant data access to whomever they wish. NYSPI MRI will not facilitate or assist in granting said access. User accounts may be created for all Principal Investigators as well as their collaborators; however we will only transmit data to the Principal Investigator’s account.

Test Data

Any data acquired for quality control or testing purposes and not specifically designated as pilot data for an IRB protocol must be made freely available to any other researchers who would like to use it, unless a special exemption is granted in writing by the current director of the MRI Research Program. Test data acquired in this manner may not be used as part of a published study.


For any questions regarding data transfer and policy, please email