Educational Work Groups

The MRI Unit manages many listserves aimed at facilitating collaboration within specific areas of MRI research. Please email Joe Figliolia ( if you would like to be added to any of these listserves.

Functional MRI (

Interest group for fMRI users at NYSPI

Electroencephalography (

Group for individuals interested in EEG in conjunction with the NYSPI MRI unit

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (

Group for people interesting in TMS in conjunction with the NYSPI MRI unit

Reconstruction (

Group for individuals interested in reconstruction on raw MRI data (p-files) into images

Diffusion Tensor Imaging (

Group for individuals at NYSPI interested in DTI

Magentic Resonance Spectroscopy (

Group for individuals at NYSPI interested in MRS

Arterial Spin Labeling (

Group for individuals at NYSPI interested in ASL

Real Time fMRI (

Group for individuals interested in implementing RTfMRI at NYSPI 

2016 MRI Courses

The first of NYSPI's annual MRI courses will be announced soon. This is a course that teaches principles of MRI with emphasis on applications in neuroscince and psychiatry research. The course will use a simple language to present the basic physics involved in creating an image, spectrum, or map by magnetic resonance technology. The use of this technology, specifically as it applies to the unique challenges of neuroscience will be discussed. It is offered in response to the increasing numbers and diversity of studies presently being carried out and being planned by various investigators to be carried out on the NYSPI's new GE MR750 3T scanner. The format of the course is updated every year to include the latest developments in magnetic resonance as it applies to neuroscience ,such as the study of challenging anatomical regions and physiological processes in the brain. 

In the eight weeks that this course is taught, participants will learn basic physics, hardware, image formation, and data quality assurance. Other topics such as k-space data, and image reconstruction are taught in the second course of these series. Special topics of fMRI, diffusion imaging (DTI), spectroscopy (MRS), high field MRI, and molecular imaging will be covered in the third and fourth course reinforcing the theories learned in the first two courses. A number of seminal research papers on the use of MRI in neuroscience and psychiatry will be discussed as examples of topics covered in the course. This course is offered only once a year. Each class will meet for two hours from 3-5PM on Wednesdays beginning September 16 in the multipurpose room on the 6th floor of the New York State Psychiatric Institute. To enroll in the course you may contact the course instructor, Alayar Kangarlu, at 646-774-7256 or  or Joe Figliolia at