• Structural Pulse Sequence Design
  • Functional Pulse Sequence Design + Experimental paradigm design
  • Spectroscopy Pulse Sequence Design
  • Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) Pulse Sequence Design
  • Other specialized sequence design
  • Assistance with grant MRI methods section
  • Assistance with statistical planning

Experimental Stage

  • Schedule MRI scans
  • Bill MRI scans
  • Running MRI console
  • On-call management of scanner malfunction and clinical issues
  • Maintenance of MRI scanner
  • Checking equipment
  • Real time data checking in all modalities


Starting a Study

Please download this checklist of steps to complete before scanning and submit to MRI administrator once completed. Here is a summary of the steps:

  • Contact and meet with Core MRI faculty members as appropriate to your technical and administrative needs
  • Submit IRB application to both NYSPI IRB and to MRI Protocol committee (contact is Rachel Marsh)
  • Submit MRI grant application to business office
  • Check MRI schedule and consult with MRI administrator to ensure adequate scan time slots are available
  • Have MRI protocol/pulse sequence added to the scanner database