Pilot Awards


Pilot Awards - November 2017

Marilyn Cyr - "Neural Correlates of Goal-Directed Control and Compulsivity in Adolescents"

Jiook Cha: Window to the Anxious Brain - "Maladaptive Predictive Coding in Childhood Anxiety"

Emeline Lagache - "Neural Representation of Prior Information in Psychosis"

Terry Goldberg - "APOE e2 and Plasma ApoE: Relations to Cognitive, Affective, and Neural Resilience in Later Life"

Mina Rizk - "Emotion-driven action and functional brain activity during cognitive reappraisal and risk for suicidal Behavior"


Pilot Awards - February 2017

Michael Avissar -  "Temporal Dynamics of Neurophysiological Patterns as Potential Targets for Treating Cognitive Deficits in Brain Disorders"

Robert Paul Juster - "Stress-related endocrine and neural profiles of transgender individuals"

Claudia Lugo - "The Intergenerational Transmission of ADHD: Neural Circuit and Cultural Factors"

Benjamin Suarez - "The Neuronal Correlates of Location-Specific Threat Learning in Trauma"

Joshua Kantrowitz - "Neural Substrates of Auditory Plasticity"

Katie Davis - "Anxiety and Amygdala Function in Children with Reading Disorder"

Louisa Steinberg - "Auditory responses as a measure of 5-HT1A auto-receptor expression in hyposerotonergic states"


Pilot Awards - July 2015

Caridad Benavides - Translational Imaging, " Dissociating approach-avoidance learning from reward-punishment learning in health and unmedicated schizophrenia."

Bridget Callaghan - Psychology, "Hippocampal memory consolidation across human development: Multivoxel correlation pattern persistence during post-encoding test."

Jiook Cha - Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, "Neurodevelopmental trajectories of fear generation across anxiety spectrum."

Cheryl Corcoran - Experimental Therapeutics, "Language Production and Comprehension in Schizophrenia as an Index of Thought Disorder."

Lupo Geronazzo-Alman - Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, "an fMRI Study of Fear Extinction During Reconsolidation in Trauma-exposed Youth With and Without PTSD."

Guillermo Horga - Translational Imaging, "Dopaminergic modulation of sensory predictive signals."

Amy Margolis - Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, "Frontostriatal Structure and Function in Children with NonVerbal Learning Disability."

Marta Moreno - Experimental Therapeutics, " Innovative approaches to personalizing the treatment of depression."

Alice Saperstein - Mental Health Service and Policy Research/ Experimental Therapeutics, " Early Cortical Basis of Reading Deficits in Schizophrenia."

Madeleine Sharp - Neurology/Psychology, " Long-term effects of dopamine state on learning."

Jodi Weinstein - Translational Imaging, "MRS of Glutamate in Schizophrenia: A Within-Subjects Comparison to Dopamine Function Evaluated with PET."

Pilot Awards - December 2014

Stefan Rowney, MD - Psychiatry, Division of Experimental Theraputics, "Functional Connectivity and Resting State changes Following Brain Stimulation: Effects of Convulsive Therapy"

Joshua Kantrowitz, MD - Psychiatry, Experimental Theraputics, "Neural Correlates of D-cycloserine Response in Bipolar Depression"

Larry Amsel, MD, MPH - Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, "Imaging Biomarkers of Impulsive Decision Making in Youth"

Xiaofu He, PhD - Child Psychiatry, "Connectivity-based Real-time fMRI in Youth with Depression"

Pilot Awards - Novemeber 2014

Megan Chesin, PhD - Psychiatry, Molecular Imaging and Neuropathology Division, "Probing Neural Mechanisms of Suicide Attempt and Cognitive Control Among Depressed Subjects using Task-based and Resting-state fMRI"

Gillinder Bedi, D. Psych. - Division on Substance Abuse, "Hippocampal Subfield Volume and Hippocampally-mediated Cognition in Regular Marijuana Smokers"

Gaurav Patel, MD, PhD - Psychiatry, Experimental Therapeutics, "Deficits in Attentional Control in Schizophrenia"

Marisa Spann, PhD, MPH - Psychiatry, "Early Brain Networks of Attention and Language as Precursors to ASD Symptoms"

Pilot Awards - May 2014

Jared X. Van Snellenberg, PhD - Psychiatry, Division of Translational Imaging, "High resolution imaging of disrupted functional connectivity in patients with schizophrenia"

Jurgen Kayser, PhD - Cognitive Neuroscience, "fMRI and ERP Asymmetries to Hemifield Presentations of Emotional Stimuli in Individuals at High and Low Risk for Major Depression"

Clifford Cassidy, PhD - Psychiatry, Division of Translational Imaging, "Neuromelanin-sensitive MRI: a Window into Catecholminergic Turnover in Healthy Individuals and Patients with Schizophrenia" 

Gregory Tau, MD/PhD - Psychiatry, Child & Adolescent, "Investigating Hippocampal Structure, Neurochemistry and Functional Connectivity in Cannabis Use Disorder"

Christa D. Labouliere, PhD - Psychiatry, Child & Adolescent, " Frontostriatal Dysfunction in Adolescents with Non-suicidal Self-injury" 

Garrett P. Banks - Neruosurgery, "Determining the Role of the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex in Processing Cognitive Interference: A Correlation of Electrophysiology and BOLD Fluctuations"

Pilot Awards - December 2013

Antonio Mantovani/Dan Javitt, MD/PhD - Psychiatry, Division of Experimental Therapeutics and Brain Stimulation, " Neurocircuitry-informed Treatment of Depresonalization Disorder with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation"

Guillermo Horga, MD - Psychiatry, Division of Translational Imaging, "Neural Mechanisms of Sensory Predictions in Schizophrenia with Hallucinations"

Ragy Girgis, MD - Psychiatry, Division of Translational Imaging, "Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Imaging of the Effects of an Interleukin-6 Receptor Antibody on Glutamate in Schizophrenia"

Tejal Kuar, MD - Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent, "Risk and Resiliency in Adolescent and Childhood Health"

Michael Wheaton, PhD - Anxiety Disorders Clinic, "Neural Correlates of Exposure and Response Prevention Treatment for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder"

Cheryl Corcoran, MD - Psychiatry, Experimental Theraputics, "Evaluation of the Circuitry Underlying Facial Affect Recognition, using TMS with fMRI Localization"

Mulugeta S. Abebe, PhD - Neuroscience, "3T MRI Studies of Cortical Connections of the Parahippocampal Region"

Loren Gianini, PhD - Eating Disorders, "Cognitive Neuroscience of Affect and Food Choice in Bulimia Nervosa"