RF Coils & QA Data


Available Coils

We are currently utilizing a 48-channel head array provided by GE for use with the Signa Premier system, as well as a 21-channel head&neck array provided by GE. 

For physical specifications of the GE 48-Channel Coil, click here

We are also working to adapt the 32-Channel Nova Coil carriage assembly on the coil to work with the updated design of the Premier scanner bed. We hope to be able to make this coil available to investigators in the near future. 

We have conducted comparative SNR measurements between the two coils using the ABCD sequences as a baseline. Please click here for the results. 


ABCD Sequences & QA

For ongoing quality assessment data for the ABCD pipelines on our scanner, please click here for the complete QA analysis excel spreadsheet. 

Current QA: 




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