Research Training In Psychiatric Epidemiology

Research Training In Psychiatric Epidemiology

The program provides social scientists, epidemiologists, psychologists, and psychiatrists with research skills in psychiatric epidemiology.  Training involves coursework in substantive issues and research methods, and participation in an affiliated research unit.  It is sponsored by the departments of epidemiology and psychiatry and is supported by a National Institute of Mental Health grant.


Core Faculty:

Ezra Susser MD, DRPH, Program Director

Katherine M. Keyes, PhD, Co-Director

Bruce P. Dohrenwend Ph.D., Co-Director

Sharon Schwartz, Ph.D., Co-Director and Training Coordinator


Additional Core Faculty:

Larry Amsel, MD

Paul Appelbaum, MD

Lisa Bates, ScD

Alan Brown, MD, MPH

Frances Champagne, PhD

Cheryl Corcoran, MD

William Fifer, PhD

Mindy Fullilove, MD

Madelyn S. Gould, PhD

Deborah Hasin, PhD

Mark Hatzenbuehler, PhD

Mady Hornig, MD

Christina Hoven, DrPH

Denise Kandel, PhD

Roberto Lewis-Fernandez, MD

Jennifer Manly, PhD

Catherine E Monk, PhD

Richard Neugebauer, PhD

Kimberly Noble, MD, PhD

Mark Olfson, MD

Ruth Ottman, PhD

Kathleen M. Pike, PhD

Ursula Staudinger, PhD

Blake Turner, PhD

Melanie M. Wall, PhD

Myrna Weissman, PhD



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