Safety Update



CLICK HERE to view the Safety Update video.

After seeing the video, complete the short Safety Update Quiz.

Instructions to submit the quiz

If you have an email program such as OUTLOOK associated with your NYSPI e-mail account, you can click on the "Email Completed Form" button to send the completed test as an attachment. An addressed message with the test attached will be created. All you need to do is click "Send."
If the new email message does not pop up on your screen then please do the following:

1. Save this form to your computer using the filename - safetyUpdateTest.pdf
2. Open your email application or access your email account on the web
3. Create a new email with SUBJECT as "Safety Update Test"
4. Attach the saved PDF file to the EMAIL
5. Send the email to Marshall Irvin and - CC: the email to yourself (this will serve as a date-stamped copy of the completed form for your records).
Employees will receive their new Safety Cards in the mail. If you do not receive your card within 10 days call us at 646-774-8261.