Fellowship In Affective, Anxiety, Eating And Related Disorders

This is a two to four year fellowship in clinical and basic research on affective, anxiety, eating, personality, memory and dual diagnosis disorders, including psychobiological, nosological and psychopharmacological studies. It is supported by a NIMH grant, and offers didactic methodological and statistical training as well as a supervised research experience. [ See /pdf/aff_pp.pdf">Affective and Related Disorders Research Training Program Plan]

Core Faculty


MD with completed psychiatric or neurological residency, or PhD


There are eight positions in the fellowship. Two to three new fellows enter each year. [See Application]


Steven P. Roose, M.D.
New York State Psychiatric Institute, Unit 98
1051 Riverside Drive
New York, NY, 10032
(212) 543-5749
email: spr2@columbia.edu


November 30 (For receipt of fully completed applications)