Magnetic Resonance Imaging Research Program



We are fully operational and actively scanning participants in both continuing and new MRI protocols. Contact Joe Figliolia for further information



Our GE MR750 scanner offers numerous advantages while maintaining optimal compatibility at a field strength ideally suited for psychiatric brain imaging research. The MR750 has improved gradients (50 mT/m with a slew rate of 200 T/m/sec), improved shimming (18 high order superconducting shim coils and 5 resistive shim coils), and choice of 32 channel (for best performance) and 8 channel (for best compatibility with the previous scanner) head coils. These combined advantages offer a factor 2 to 8 improvement in scan times for existing sequences. GE has delivered the newest version of their console computer with an upgraded version of console software, as well as two image processing computers which will improve our ability for real time and post-scan processing of anatomic, functional, spectroscopic, and diffusion tensor imaging data.


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