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The NYSPI MRI Research Program is making efforts to fully support investigators in preparing and uploading files to the NIMH Data Archive. As we develop internal resources and tutorials, we will add them here, but in the interim we have provided direct links to NDA sources and learning materials. 

NEW - ndaTool is now available as part of the MRI computing resources, click here for a guide on usage. 

Click here for our own simplified guide to NDA file submission. We will continue to evolve and improve this document as resources and methods update. 

NIMH Data Archive Tutorials, Policies, and Resources

Official NYSPI Policy on NIMH uploading and data sharing standards

NIMH NDA Training Resources & Tutorials

Using the Validation and Uploading Tool

Data Submission

Data Submission for PIs

How to create an NDA study

Accessing shared data

Accessing files in the cloud

NDA Tools

The GUID Creation tool & Instructions (including PsuedoGUID)

NOTE: NYSPI/NYS requires the use of psuedoGUIDs. To create a pseudoGUID:

  1. Download GUID Tool from the link above

  2. Open GUID Tool

  3. Login to GUID Tool with your NDA login info

  4. Click ‘Functions' (in top bar), then click ‘Get pseudo-GUID’

  5. Copy the pseudo-GUID that is displayed

Additional detailed instructions for use on the GUID creation tool can be found at the link above 

The Validation upload tool

Data Dictionary

Additional Resources

National Data Archive Policy

National Data Archive Homepage