Computing Resources

The MRI Research Program is currently in the early stages of implementing its own docker-based processing cluster that will allow researchers access to the ABCD processing pipelines as well as other analysis packages.

Resources & Policies

Pipelines & Software Packages

The Pipelines we currently utilize are: fMRIPrep, Ciftify, ABCD, DCAN, and HCP, many of which have been containerized for ease of implementation.

In addition, the following software packages are available:

  • ABCD Processing - Analysis pipelines for the Adolescent Cognitive Brain Development initiative

  • AFNI - An open-source environment for processing and displaying functional MRI data.

  • FSL - A software library with image analysis tools for functional, structural, and diffusion MRI brain imaging data.

  • Freesurfer - A set of tools for the analysis of structural and functional brain imaging data.

  • SPM - a suite of MATLAB tools for the analysis of brain imaging data sequences.

Utilization of compute resources will incur an additional fee in order to help subsidize personnel, equipment, and storage costs. The per hour scan rate has increased by $25 for future studies and includes compute resources. Studies that begin with the previous rates ($600/700/1200/hr) will be subject to the $25/subject price to use scan resources.

Current Rates: 

Existing scan data: $25 per subject

Existing public data sets: $1.5 per subject

For existing studies who wish to explore the use of MRI compute resources - please fill out this form.


For access and account information, and general questions, email, or 


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