The Mission of the NYSPI MRI Research Program is:

To provide a core service for all NYSPI faculty members interested in using MRI research, as well as a wide resource to the Columbia Medical Center and Columbia University communities

To offer a broad menu of services that enables researchers with little to no experience to submit high quality grant applications and start collecting MRI data soon, but also to be helpful to experienced MRI research laboratories who are looking for only specific technical services or consultation. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Consultation on experimental design and grant submission in areas of anatomical MRI, functional MRI (including default mode/resting state), MR spectroscopy, and structural MR connectivity (i.e., diffusion tensor imaging)
  • Development of pulse sequences, RF coils, and fMRI paradigms customized to research questions
  • Scheduling and acquisition of MR images in an efficient and timely manner
  • Use of a wide range of MR comaptible stimulus (audio, visual, etc.) and response (2, 4, and 5 button boxes, trackpall, joystick) equipment
  • Use of a wide range of psychophysiological monitoring equipment (ECG, EEG, Respiratory Rate, SP02)
  • Assistance and/or training on MR image processing in all modalities

To maintain competitive rates for MRI scanning tailored to the purposes of individual grants and research studies

To feature a user friendly, supportive, and flexible service for researchers, leveraging the clinical research expertise of NYSPI to offer top tier MRI services to the NYSPI and Columbia research community