Scheduling Policy

Scheduling Scanner Time
The MRI Calendar is available online at
If you are using Calpendo for the first time, please “Register as a new user” - Groups' projects will be added to Calpendo once they are officially approved by the imaging director. 
Scanner time is available seven days a week, excluding some holidays. The hours are 8am-8pm Monday-Friday (scan time is also available from 8pm-midnight with advanced scheduling) and 9am-5pm on weekends (extended weekend hours may be negotiated on a per-case basis), as well as some holidays, pending operator availability.
Groups may appoint one or more people as the responsible part for scheduling scanner time for a group and/or project, with the written approval of the project’s Primary Principal Investigator.
Projects will be allotted a pre-allocated number of hours each month. Once a group has exceeded their calendar allotment, they may request additional time with valid reasoning, subject to approval by the Imaging Director.  Allocations will be primarily determined based on two factors: an overall expected rate of scan for the project, and a fair distribution of available time to all active scanning groups. Priority may be given to scans based on grant deadlines and/or funding source. 
The calendar availability is open 2 months in advance, with new months available at 8am on the first day of each month on a first-come, first-serve basis. (i.e. December slots are available September 1st) Slots booked before this time will be automatically declined.
Scanner Time / Handoff Protocol 
Scan groups will be granted access to the scanner / experiment area at the beginning of their scheduled scan time. Scheduled scan time includes both participant & equipment setup, as well as equipment breakdown & participant removal from scanner. If additional setup or breakdown time is needed, please factor this into the amount of scan time scheduled. Groups are expected to be mindful & respectful of other groups' time and participant(s). Please do not enter the experiment / scanner area before your scheduled time unless the preceding group has granted permission to do so. 
Groups will be expected to be completely clear of the scanner / setup area no later than the end of their scheduled scan time. If additional time is needed, the active scanning group must receive permission from the following scheduled group to use additional time, without exception. We understand that there may on occasion be situations during a scan session that prevent a group from acquiring a full data set. Depending on the cause and circumstances, and at the MRI unit's discretion, we will work with groups to determine how to proceed with rescheduling a participant when possible, as well as any modifications to billing if deemed necessary. 
Scans must be cancelled 4 calendar days in advance to avoid paying a cancellation fee. For the purpose of scheduling, days refers to calendar days (including weekends), and not hours. This is to ensure adequate time for other scan groups to find a participant and use the slot. Scans cancelled within the first 3 days of the 4-Day window will be charged one half of the hourly rate for each hour cancelled. Scans cancelled on the day of the scan will be charged the full rate.
If a group schedules and cancels a scan within the 4 day cancellation window, i.e, a group books a scan on a Monday for a scan session on Friday of that week, and then cancels before the Friday, they will not be penalized. If the group cancels the scan day-of in this circumstance, they will be charged half of the hourly rate.
If a group schedules a same-day scan session and cancels before the time of the scan they will not be charged a cancellation penalty. 
A utilization ratio will be automatically calculated for each group based on the number of cancellations vs. actual scans. If a group’s cancellation rate exceeds 25% of their total scheduled time, their hour allotment for the next open month will be reduced by one half of their cancellation rate. (i.e., if a group cancels 30% of their scans for the month, their allotment will be reduced by 15% for the next month that opens) – This reduction is temporary, and will be reviewed on a monthly basis.
All requests for testing that will require blocking off scanner time, regardless of purpose, must be approved by Rachel Marsh. Please submit the following when requesting a test – The purpose of the test, who or what is being scanned, as well as said subject's role within the scanning group, if applicable, and the protocol that will be used for consent. All testing should be scheduled during the 8am-9am slot or 7pm-8pm slots. Any requests for testing during other time slots will be granted only if the time is still vacant at 5pm the day before the proposed test, unless an exception is granted in writing.  Images and other data obtained for the purposes of testing may not be used for research or included in project-related data sets, and will be made available to other researchers via the “test” project in XNAT. Paid scans will be given priority over testing, and a test slot may be cancelled (with at least 24 hour notice) should a group request the time for a paid scan. 
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll be happy to help as best we can. We realize that last minute circumstances may arise, experiment code bugs, issues, etc., can happen, and exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis.